9 best coffee shops in the Minneapolis coffee scene for college students|9 best coffee shops in the Minneapolis coffee scene for college students|9 best coffee shops in the Minneapolis coffee scene for college students

Minneapolis Coffee Tour

Minneapolis is hub to many amazing third wave coffee shops, most of which are a short drive from the North Central University campus. We are pretty sure that in terms of cities with the “it” factor, Minneapolis is a Seattle rival, and we have the coffee scene to prove it.

Meet the Minneapolis coffee scene

The Twin Cities are like a well-kept secret with hidden gems around every corner. With a top-ranking music culture, coffee scene, and overall quality of life you might just want to call this place home. If you can handle the cold, Minnesota will have you starstruck in no time. Minneapolis is home to the nation’s largest specialty coffee importer, Café Imports which makes Minneapolis an expert in third wave coffee. In addition to the many roasters located within the Twin Cities, there are just as many coffee shops to meet high demand.

9 best coffee shops in the Minneapolis coffee scene for college students

About “third wave” coffee

Third wave coffee is the movement to produce artisanal coffee drinks (hello activated charcoal and lavender lattes). Many major cities like Chicago and Seattle were early to the third wave coffee scene with smaller cities like Minneapolis soon to follow. Third wave coffee has proven to be popular among Millennials and college students alike because of the specialty coffee focus, and aesthetic vibes that these shops have to offer. Second wave coffee shops like Starbucks or Caribou have less of a “curated” menu and space. Third wave coffee shops are the catchall of hangout spots where you can spend quality time with friends or opt to be a studious student. Minneapolis has a long list of great coffee shops and knowing where to even begin can be a challenge.

The eight best coffee shops in Minneapolis

Taking into consideration quality, location, and aesthetic we have put together a list of 8 coffee shops (in no particular order) you should definitely visit while in Minneapolis. Pack your backpacks, grab your wallets, and get ready for a caffeine buzz while we take you on a Minneapolis coffee tour.

  1. Spyhouse – Spyhouse roasts its own coffee beans and has several locations all around Minneapolis! Their aesthetic is unmatched.
  2. Penny’s Coffee – Penny’s not only offers creative speciality coffee drinks (activated charcoal latte what?) but they have some delicious crepes on their menu as well. Coffee and food is a no-brainer combination for a long day of studying.
  3. Five Watt Coffee – Five Watt is a small batch roaster in Minneapolis with some of the most creative drinks around. They break all the coffee rules and we admire them for it.
  4. Dogwood – Dogwood is a local roaster with three locations and a knack for making great spaces with great coffee.
  5. Northern CoffeeWorks – Northern CoffeeWorks is just a 10 minute walk from campus with a Miel latte that just cannot be rivaled. They also have a full food menu and delicious pastries!
  6. Parallel – Parallel’s aesthetics are enough to get you through the door and their coffee will for sure make you stay. we love all the seating options and natural light their space has to offer!
  7. Bachelor Farmer Cafe – located in the Northloop, the Bachelor Cafe is a cute little coffee shop with great food. During the warmer months, they even have an outdoor seating patio that makes you feel like you’re in a dream.
  8. Wesley Andrews – Wesley Andrews is a local roaster and coffee shop that happens to also be an NCU favorite. We heard the Matcha Thai Tea  Latte is making a comeback on their menu and would definitely recommend it.

9 best coffee shops in the Minneapolis coffee scene for college students

These are just a few of the coffee shops around Minneapolis that offer great coffee in cool spaces. This list should be enough to get you started on your Minneapolis coffee tour! Tag us in your posts when you visit one of the coffee shops above, or one that wasn’t listed. We’d love to see your Minneapolis coffee shop adventures!

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