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The Best Cozy Fall Drinks in Minneapolis

Are you curious in trying new seasonal drinks this fall? Minneapolis has one of the biggest varieties of fall drinks for students at North Central University to try. From sweet potatoes to maple syrup, there is no shortage of unique coffee flavors Minneapolis has to offer. Here are some of our favorites.


Segue Coffee – Maple Spice Latte

Segue is right around the corner for students at North Central. It is a great place to study and meet up with friends. For students looking for work, Segue is a great option. It is within easy walking distance, and the environment is warm and welcoming. The Maple Spice Latte is one of their most popular fall drinks. Served with exquisite latte art. the drink starts with warm, creamy foam with cinnamon sprinkles on top. The drink itself tastes of sweet maple syrup with the classic espresso flavor that lattes have. This drink is perfect for those who are looking for a drink on the sweeter side, with that classic fall taste.


Fairgrounds – Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fairgrounds is located in the North Loop of Minneapolis. It is surrounded by several high-end stores that students can shop at, including Madewell, Lululemon, and much more. Fairgrounds is also located right next to the Mississippi River. Students are able to look around these stores, order their drinks, and walk to the neighboring park along the river. Fairgrounds offers the fall classic Pumpkin Spice Latte. This drink is offered both hot and iced, so it really depends on someone’s preference. Topped with whipped cream and cinnamon, this drink has a rich, warm flavor that makes the Pumpkin Spice Latte such a classic fall drink.


The Cafe Meow – The Tabby

The Cafe Meow is one of the most unique coffee shops Minneapolis has to offer. Given the name, students can go to this cafe, order their drinks, and spend time with several cats in a separate room at this coffee shop. All of their drinks are named after the different breeds of cats, which aligns perfectly with the intent of the store. Students can purchase their drinks and the small fee it requires to spend time with the cats. The room is filled with light and full of shelves and couches lined with cats. All of the cats at this cafe are able to be adopted, so they are looking for new homes. The Tabby is their featured fall drink. Flavored with cinnamon, oat milk, and honey, this is one of the locals’ fall drinks.


Dogwood Coffee Co. – Sweet Potato Latte

Dogwood Coffee Co. has several locations, but the closest one to students at North Central is on the Northside of Minneapolis. This coffee shop is very unique in several ways. It is not a traditional coffee shop. The inside of this coffee shop is very open, with tall ceilings, and walls and floors of concrete. The walls are also lined with art and other decorations. It is a very modern coffee shop, and it is great for business meetings or working on homework. The most interesting aspect of this coffee shop is the floor-to-ceiling windows. This is where people can look through and see where they roast all of their coffee, in-house. Dogwood offers the sweet potato latte, as one of their best fall drinks. It sounds strange at first, but surprisingly, the sweet potato enhances the warm fall flavors of this drink. It makes the drink taste sweeter, and it complements the taste of cinnamon in the latte very well.


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