Transferring universities will help you succeed.

How transferring universities will help you succeed

By Auston Nigg

Your education will shape your future. It is an investment. Because of this, your choice of school is very important. No one wants to put time and money into anything if it feels like a bad fit, especially not your university.

If you are feeling stuck at a university that isn’t helping you succeed, here are a few reasons that transferring might be a good choice.

Transferring universities could help you…

Find your career path

If you are still trying to figure out what you want to do after college, going to a new school could change that. Transferring to a school that has many different internship options or a school in the city could give you new inspiration. Attending a school that provides plenty of great career options can often allow you to explore a variety of fields and find the one you want to pursue.

Feel more at home

Transferring universities may help you find a place that embraces the same beliefs and morals that you do. Finding a university with a supportive community is invaluable. If a school has the same mission and vision you do, it will propel you to do well in everything that you take on.

Get a better education

At the heart of it all, college is about your education, so if you feel you are not receiving enough from your current school, transferring could help your college experience. Be sure to visit schools, sit in on classes, and ask around to gain a real feel for the quality of the education that they offer.

Create Career connections

Be sure to select a college or university that offers career services. Not only should you be able to find help with your resume and interview skills, but you should also be able to build a network that will help you in the future.

Meet with faculty, find an internship, or connect to nearby corporations and organizations. Choose a school where you will be able to build relationships in your field of interest.

Enjoy being on campus

If you don’t enjoy being on your current college campus, you may want to consider a transfer. The campus community plays a huge role in your experience, whether you live on campus or not. Transferring universities gives you a second chance to find a campus where you love to hang out, to learn, and to get involved.

Enjoying your time on campus can play a huge role in what you acquire from your college experience. Be sure to tour campuses and spend enough time to feel out the chemistry of you and the school.

Not sure if you’re ready to transfer?

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