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Student Success

At North Central University, we’re committed to supporting the success of all students in all areas by providing holistic, integrated, on-campus student services.

North Central students in an education class.

What is Student Success?

These services are geared toward helping you find support to grow as a vibrant and academically confident student, find purpose that will help you bring your faith, academic, and job pursuits into harmony, and find hope that comes from insight, healing, and personal growth. We are easy to find on campus, on the second floor of Miller Hall.

Why is student success different at North Central?

Combining all we do into one office means that we can equip and empower you in a way that is convenient and connected. It also means we can join our specialties together to provide better quality support, because we know that helping you succeed is a multi-layered process. So when you’re presented with challenges and questions during college, we’re well-equipped to help you grow through them.

Of course, we can partner with you in the small things too—before they turn into something bigger. Whatever the case, you can trust our staff to collaboratively provide support that makes sense for you.

This is your one-stop shop for success.

Student Success center services

  • Academic support

    More than just good grades

    North Central offers a variety of academic support services geared toward helping students have a positive academic experience, get the help that they need, and also, get good grades.

    Academic coaching

    Academic Coaching helps students reach their education potential. This service enhances structure and accountability while providing new study strategies, better organization and time management skills, and general moral support.

    Students meet with coaches weekly on a one-to-one basis setting goals for the week and semester while developing the skills to achieve those goals in the most efficient manner.

    • Study & test-taking skills
    • Time & stress management
    • Accountability
    • Problem solving
    • Planning
    • Test preparation
    • Organizing papers
    • Learning styles

    North Central students can also become academic coaches for their peers! With a 4-6 week training program, excellent academic skills, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher, students can take on this great leadership opportunity. If interested, students should contact the Student Success Center.


    The tutoring program in the Student Success Center received national certification through the College Learning & Reading Association [CLRA] in 2007. The service is comprised entirely of volunteers who have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher during their academic careers at North Central. These tutors are available at various times to assist you in a wide variety of subjects.

    If you would like assistance with your particular coursework, please contact the Student Success Center for available tutors and times.


    We are committed to helping students achieve academic success and have created a collection of tools and idea sheets to help those who seek a better approach to learning. The collection includes tips for study skills and strategies, taking better notes, helpful hints for all types of exams, and information on how study skills are affected by learning and personality styles.

    These resources are available to students in person in the Student Success Center, and on Skyline.

    Exam proctoring

    Exam proctoring is available not only to students, but also to members of the community.

    Students who have extenuating circumstances, are representing NCU at an athletic event, or are receiving accommodations for exams due to a documented disability or illness, may set up an alternative examination time in the SSC.

    In addition, and as a way to serve our community, the SSC also provides proctoring services for individual exams for the surrounding community and NCU constituents. If you are enrolled in other programs or need to sit an exam for licensure, certification, or other related testing please contact us to schedule an exam time.  The fee for non-NCU exams is $10 and the fee for non-NCU students is $25. Learn more by contacting the Student Success Center.

    Writing support

    All writers benefit from sharing their work with a reader, and a writing consultation allows you to do just that. Students are welcome to set up a writing consultation with the Student Success Center to get help with the following components of their writing process:

    • Assistance in overcoming writer’s block
    • Writing consultation and paper feedback
    • Formatting assistance
    • Crafting and layout
    • Developing a thesis
    • Revising a paper
  • Career services

    Helping you succeed after graduation

    Career Services aims to inform and support all students and alumni in their career development as they identify and pursue their career and calling.

    Career Services staff provides information, resources, planning, and counseling during each career development stage:

    • Exploring Self
    • Exploring Careers
    • Evaluating Career Paths
    • Experimenting through Experiential Learning
    • Embarking in a Career

    Students and alumni are also invited to make use of CareerWire, North Central’s job posting site.

    Career services also offers the following:
    • Career and life calling advising
    • Resume assistance
    • Interview preparation
    • Workshops
    Want to hire a North Central student?

    Contact Judy Winship or post your position to CareerWire.

  • Therapeutic services

    Providing the support you need

    The mission of the Student Success Center is “Seeking to advance the success of all students in all areas.” This statement is based on the fact that college life is riddled with new endeavors and obstacles, which can compromise every student’s desire to succeed in higher education. Sometimes these obstacles may need professional assistance to assist in navigating through or around them.

    Counseling is available for free to all traditional students currently attending North Central University. The Student Success Center realizes that setting up an appointment in a close community can seem like an invasion of one’s privacy. Appointments may be scheduled in person, by phone or email. Students can be assured that appointments scheduled through the Student Success Center will be kept in strict confidence.

    Schedule an appointment

    Counseling is available by appointment between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Please contact the Student Success Center via email or by phone at 612.343.5000 in order to schedule an appointment.

    Common reasons to seek counseling:
    • Homesickness
    • Dating Issues
    • Childhood Abuse
    • Depression
    • Life-calling
    • Anxiety
    • Death of family member
    • School Struggles
    • Eating Issues
    • Concern for a friend
    • Spiritual Struggles
    • Sexual Abuse
  • Accessibility services

    North Central University is committed to providing optimal educational opportunities for all students, including those enrolled or admitted who have disabilities and qualify under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

    It is our goal at North Central to assist students in maximizing their independence and self-advocacy skills to the fullest extent possible within the standards of the university.  It is important that students with disabilities make them known to the Student Success Center early in their college career.

    In order to receive reasonable accommodations, students must provide current documentation of their disability and its impact in an academic setting from an appropriately licensed professional.

    Examples of accommodations include the following:
    • Alternative testing
    • Note taking assistance
    • Advanced class registration
    • Books in alternative format
    • Class relocation

    Tips for preparing for your time at North Central

    1. Embrace the importance of college and take responsibility for preparing.
    2. Put together a transition plan at an IEP meeting, or independently.
    3. Understand and walk through admissions steps.
    4. Make sure that your documentation and testing is current.
    5. Visit the college that you plan to attend at least once.
    6. Self disclose your disability early in order to get the resources that you need.
    7. Understand and embrace the importance of self-advocacy and communication.

    Preparing for college

    If you are an admitted or current student with a grievance to file, please search for Internal Grievance Procedure on Skyline.

Learn more about Career Services at North Central

Current Students

Current NCU students can find additional resources on Skyline.

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions, if you need assistance, or if you’d like to set up an appointment.

Location: Second floor of Miller Hall, next to the central (main) stairs
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; closed daily for chapel and lunch
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