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Why you should take business courses at a Christian university

As a business major, you’ll engage in practical, hands-on studies to prepare you for your career. You’ll be pushed and challenged through your business courses, taught by experienced professors who know the industry and can equip you to succeed after you graduate.

When you go through your college decision process, it can be tough to know where the best place to get a business degree it. It seems like many schools are offering the same things— rigorous business courses, real-world business opportunities, and networking opportunities.

While many schools do offer these things and more, a Christian university is going to give you even more opportunities to grow and develop as a business professional through benefits such as these:

  • Caring, mentoring professors
  • A foundation in Christian ethics
  • A Christian background for your career
  • Lasting Christian community.

Each of these characteristics of a Christian university business program will help you stand out in the workplace and find fulfillment in your daily work.

Here are the top reasons why you should take business courses at a Christian university.


Perhaps the most impactful part of taking business courses at a Christian university is the professors that will be investing in your studies. Not only will your professors have years of experience and excellent expertise in the business industry, but they will be willing to pour into your personal growth as well. Having professors with the same values as you will allow you to connect on a deeper level and have a long-term professional relationship with your professors. These relationships can be beneficial as you are challenged, critiqued, and encouraged in your college business courses.

Professors who are willing to invest in your personal and spiritual growth as well as your professional development are going to make a great impact on your life. They will be great resources for you even after you graduate to help you network, pass on wisdom, and encourage you in your career.

Your professional business professors will be able to offer you extensive business opportunities during your time in college as well. Whether you’d like to go into a career working with a Christian organization or not, there are lots of business opportunities that you can get connected with that will give you practical, hands-on experience before you even graduate.

Attending a Christian university in a downtown setting is a great way to get access to the best internships and other business opportunities. Check out our blog on why Minneapolis is one of the best cities for college students and grads.


One of the most important parts of getting a business degree is understanding ethical business practices. You can learn these from almost any institution, but a Christian institution will make these central to your learning and connect them with your faith as well. Developing your integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty alongside your strategic business skills will make you marketable to employers and an excellent employee to any type of business or organization.

Having sound business principles and ethics during college will help solidify them as a foundation for how you do business. As you grow as a business professional and start your career after graduation, you want to have habits of making ethical decisions so that you can confidently enter the workforce with sound values.


The reality is that your career might be in a setting different than that of your Christian college. However, not only will you be prepared and marketable in your skills to enter a job in any type of corporation, but you will also be prepared to hold tight to your faith in the workplace. Ministry is possible in any industry as you impact others through your work ethic, integrity, and positivity.

Graduating with a business degree from a Christian university can leave you with a prestigious degree as well as a solid foundation in your faith. The time you spend in your business courses learning about how your faith fits into your business career will have a lifelong impact on you, and will help you have a successful transition from the Christian university to the workforce.

Understanding how your faith and business career go hand in hand can greatly impact your day-to-day work. No matter what career you go into with your business degree, your motivation and purpose is to honor Christ. Taking business courses from a Christian university can help you practically comprehend and implement this for your post-grad life.


Finally, taking business courses at a Christian university will allow you meet friends and other aspiring business professionals that can walk alongside you in your business career. Your classmates in your Christian university business courses will be learning Christian business ethics and faith integrations with you, so they can be lasting friends and peers throughout your career.

Having Christian friends that are also in the business workforce can greatly impact your career through having accountability and a community of similar-minded people to share in your experiences in the business world.

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