Will you ever find your perfect college match? Probably not.

You may never find your perfect college match.

During your junior and senior years of high school, you will likely spend quite a bit of time vetting your college options. Armed with lists of of criteria and  ideals, you will face your options and begin to evaluate. How do they stack up? Does any one college or university check all of the boxes?

More likely than not, you won’t find a single school that has everything you’re looking for.

The lesson we can learn here? Don’t expect perfection from any one university.

Instead, look for a college that checks most of your boxes, and a community that feels like home

So many college choices, so little time

There are more than 1,800 private 4-year universities in the United States, and an additional approximately 1,000 public universities. That’s nearly 3,000 colleges and universities for you to choose from. How would you even begin to find your perfect college match?

Here are our top tips for deciding on a college, without holding any single school to impossible standards.

How to find a good college match

For more details about these tips, read the full article How to decide on a college.

As you search for your perfect college match, remember that colleges are ultimately made of people. People aren’t perfect. But there are many wonderful people—faculty, staff, and fellow students—who want to see you succeed in college. They want to help you find the program that will set you up for a great career. They want to help you afford your education. They want to see you connected and in community during your college years.

So even though you may never find a perfect college match, you can find a great college match. You can find a university where you will thrive.

Need help narrowing your options?

Download this helpful college decision worksheet to evaluate your top college choices.

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