Jobs with a leadership degree

5 jobs you can do with a Christian leadership degree

A Christian leadership degree. What can you do with that? Here are 5 jobs you can get with a leadership degree earned at a Christian university.

A Christian leadership degree provides skills in leadership, strategic thinking, and ethics. A master’s in leadership can equip you to lead a church, a business, or a non-profit organization.

Here are a few things you can do with a master’s degree in Christian leadership. All of them possess one thing in common: changing lives.

a corporate CEO

The CEO of a company is the highest position you can attain in the business world, and a master’s in strategic leadership will allow you to be forward-thinking, innovation-driven, and change-implementing. You will gain the ability to foresee and make changes happen to match the consumers’ needs and do so with wholesome ethical decisions.

An Educational Leader

Christian university president or senior leader

This position is one that often requires a doctorate, but a master’s degree in strategic leadership can go a long way towards preparing you for the next step in your studies. You can also become president of a secular school with this degree, but a Christian strategic leadership degree naturally lines up with the values of a Christian university.

School principal

A school principal is responsible for the education of the new generations while keeping up with the policies of the government. A Christian leadership degree will enable you to make connections with your staff with empathy and wisdom and guide the students toward brighter futures. A strategic leadership degree is able to blend both the goals of the school and government into a solution that works.

Missions CEO or executive

Modern missions organizations are restructuring to have an executive board complete with president or CEO to take the reins of the organization. In order to keep up with the times, leaders need to be able to adapt their approaches to witness and spread the Gospel in rapidly developing countries.

College missions ambassador

Chi Alpha, InterVarsity, and Campus Crusade for Christ are some examples of college missions. Missions on college campuses require strategy to stay ahead of the adaptation curve, the ever-changing interests and lifestyles of college students. Colleges are some of the hardest places to reach, and require a great deal of strategizing.

Crisis relief director

Humanitarian crises are increasingly more common around the world, and a crisis relief director would be greatly benefited by a Christian leadership degree. Christian leadership degrees provide a lot of study of and critical thought about ethics and how actions impact others in various ways. Strategic thinking helps implement plans quickly and efficiently in situations where time is everything.

Bottom line: you can impact the world

There are so many things you could do with a master’s in leadership degree earned at a Christian university; the world is yours for the taking!

Start with a degree in strategic leadership

Grow in your ability to be a strategic leader in business or in ministry by earning a masters in leadership from North Central University.

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