What is college life like at a Christian University? The atmosphere of the college you choose can affect your college experience in drastic ways.

What is college life like at a Christian University?

By Marisa Sorenson

College students live, eat, sleep, and study at the school of their choice. Or, if commuting, they socialize, befriend and learn from their peers and professors.

The atmosphere of the college you choose can affect your college experience in drastic ways. Don’t be nervous.

Here are a few glimpses of what a Christian college campus experience can look like.

Christ-centered environment

If you’re looking at a Christia

n university, chances are that you want an environment to nurture and grow your faith. Christian schools strive to keep Christ at the center of everything they do, including classes, chapel and even campus parties. Being Christ-centered does not equal boring.

Friends with shared values

Are you known as the only student who goes to youth group in your school? Do your friends not understand your faith or talk about Jesus? One of the best features at a Christian

college is the plethora of people who share the same love for Christ as you do. With this in common, making friends is often easier at a Christian college.

Discipleship and mentoring

Your professors, your coaches, and your advisors often become mentors and friends. They want to see you grow as an individual and as a Christian. To that end, they are often available for coffee or meetings that consist of them listening and investing their wisdom in your life. Christian universities or community colleges will be filled with people ready to pour spiritually into each other.

Get a sample of college mentorship by listening to our past chapel podcasts here.

What is college life like at a Christian University? The atmosphere of the college you choose can affect your college experience in drastic ways.

Experience different theological perspectives

Looking at a Lutheran school? Not everyone will be Lutheran. Looking at a Methodist or Assemblies of God school? Again, not everyone will be a Methodist or Assemblies of God. The church has so many people with deep, insightful ideas about Christ and who He is.

Meeting peers of different denominations will challenge your faith, shape your values, and teach you the multitude of ways you can look at Christ—his connection to humanity and His great love for us. Your identity as a Christian will be formed or furthered through these conversations on a Christian university campus.

Enjoy a dry campus

Christian schools are known for their dry campuses. No alcohol is present at any parties or campus events. New students don’t need to be concerned about finding themselves in questionable situations when they attend campus events or hang out with friends in the residence halls. Students have a lot of fun and wake up able to recall everything that happened the night before. No hangover headaches here!

No co-ed habitations

Christian college campuses also have separate dorms for both men and women. There are specific hours the opposite gender is allowed to visit the other’s buildings, but in general, if you want to walk to the shower in a towel, you can without fear of running into the opposite gender.

Also, this gives students living in residence halls great opportunities to form friendships with the sisters or brothers in Christ in their hall. It’s yet another opportunity for deep and vulnerable encouragement.

See what life at a Christian college is like

If you’re considering attending a Christian university, check out these past chapel service podcasts at North Central Unversity to see what life is like on a Christian campus.

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