School of Business presents at General Mills||

Students thrive in principles of marketing

Principles of Marketing is one of the most talked about classes offered in North Central’s School of Business. I had been anticipating this course, this opportunity, since my first semester at NCU.

Every year the class is responsible for creating a new marketing campaign for an existing, established company. However, these marketing plans are not theoretical. The teams pitch their presentations to the marketing team from the designated company, and the winning team is chosen by the company to be implemented.

The two classes—Dr. Stewart’s and Professor Tibbetts‘—compete against each other. As a competition-driven student, my team and I were eager to hear who we would be working with and to get started with our research. Our group consisted of marketing, communications, business administration, and entrepreneurship majors.

Minnesota-based companies

I was so excited to learn that this years’ partnership was with General Mills, one of the world’s largest food companies. I felt a bit nostalgic. After all, I grew up eating bowls of Chex cereal at my grandparents’ kitchen table. Chex was a staple at family events, whether in cereal or mix form, and I could not believe that, as an undergraduate student, I would be able to work with a mega corporation in any capacity.

Group collaboration

We met weekly to research, create, and collaborate. I’m continually encouraged by my teammates on a regular basis. Their work ethic, unwavering drive, and unanimous craving for excellence (traits that are often unique to NCU students) make working in groups fun! Though a semester-long project can seem daunting, we were humbled by this opportunity and eager to take on the challenge. We couldn’t believe how fast the semester went! We were so excited to see what our hard work amounted to. We are also thankful for the strategic partnerships that North Central has to directly benefit students. Thank you also to General Mills, for the amazing opportunity to tell the story of Chex.

— Written by Shayna Fowler, junior entrepreneurship major

Students will present their projects on April 26 and 27. The top two teams will present their marketing plans at the General Mills headquarters on Friday, April 28.

Hear from NCU Students about their projects

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