Top 5 most-listened-to chapel sermons of 2017

Top 5 most-listened-to chapel sermons of 2017

Every year, North Central University features a wide variety of speakers during daily chapel services. It is a highlight of the Christian community at our downtown, Christian university campus.

We looked back through the semester to find some of your favorites. Here are the top 5 most-listened-to chapel messages of the Fall 2017 semester.

Dr. Kärkkäinin

Cultivating loving, sensitive attitudes and acting with wisdom

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of Protestantism, North Central welcomed Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen for special guest lectures and chapel sermons. Dr. Kärkkäinen is professor of Systematic Theology in the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and Docent of Ecumenics at the University of Helsinki.

On October 25, Dr. Kärkkäinen spoke on 1 Peter 4:7-11, urging listeners to cultivate a sober mind and pursue wisdom in their interactions with others. He encourages students to have kind, loving, and sensitive attitudes towards one another.

Listen to Dr. Kärkkäinen’s full message. 

Karen Hagan

Communication with an Interactive God

“How many times do we struggle to communicate with God?” asks Karen Hagan during her chapel message on October 6. It is a privilege to be able to have our own president’s wife empower our students in chapel.

Through studying Genesis 28, Karen (Mrs. Hagan?) addresses the interactive nature of God. Karen (Mrs. Hagan?) says that believers are the House of God and wherever they go, they carry the authority and influence of the Kingdom of God. She reminds listeners that God’s purposes in their lives are not just for them, but for them to impact the world around them.

Listen to Hagan’s full message on Genesis 28. 

Dr. Charlie Self

Transformational Discipleship

On October 5, North Central welcomed Dr. Charlie Self, an Assemblies of God minister, author, and professor of Church History at The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. In this chapel message, Dr. Charlie Self spoke on transformational discipleship.

Through his points on discipleship, peacemaking, and apologetics, Dr. Charlie Self walks listeners through being agents of renewal and fostering healthy and flourishing disciples and communities. He challenges students with questions like, do we love God? Are we becoming whole from His presence? Are we interacting in a healthy way toward our brothers and sisters?

For more from Dr. Charlie Self, listen to his sermon.

Sean Smith

Believe God is as good of a finisher as He is an initiator

Author and evangelist Sean Smith visited North Central chapel for the first time on September 11. Founder of Sean Smith Ministries/Pointblank Intl., Smith desires to see the name of Jesus made famous upon the lips of a generation. In his chapel message, Smith speaks on 2 Kings 13, reminding believers that God is as good of a finisher as He is an initiator.

He calls students to fight as awesome weapons of God as holy people. Smith reminds believers that revivals need real estate in order to operate, and the first piece of real estate He wants is the hearts of Christians.

To hear more from Sean Smith, check out the full message.

Dr. Lewis Hatcher

Faith without fear: God’s unconditional promises

Dr. Lewis Hatcher’s message on September 22 reminds believers of their true identity in Christ as he walks through Abraham and Sarai’s story in Genesis 12. The Lord does something the world doesn’t; He makes and keeps unconditional promises. Hatcher says that believers are His children and He loves them, a truth that they cannot earn nor can it be taken away from them.

Hatcher challenges listeners to think about the most important things to them as they relate to Abraham, whose faith gave way to fear of physical things in front of him. Students were reminded in this message that although Abraham forgot God’s promises, God did not forget him.

Hear the full message from Lewis Hatcher.

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