You should go to college downtown.

Why you should go to college downtown

By Auston Nigg

If you are like most students making your mental or physical list of prospective colleges, you take location strongly into consideration when comparing your top college choices.

Location can have a serious impact on your experience at a school. There are colleges and universities in cornfields across the country. But will they provide you with all of the opportunities that you need? Here’s why an urban university should be at the top of your college-search list.

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College downtown = career goal opportunities

No matter what your desired career field is, an urban university has a place for everyone to get experience for their resume. If you’re looking to serve in the non-profit world, downtown universities offer churches in all different sizes and charities and non-profit organizations where you can make a difference and gain real world experience at the same time. The volunteer opportunities a college downtown can offer are endless. And whether your major is in computer science or elementary education, volunteer experience is always an asset to future employers.

Downtown universities also offer a quick access to business internship opportunities because there are so many nearby to choose from. For example, Minneapolis is home to many Fortune 500 companies that are always looking for smart, eager college students who are ready to learn and build their resume.

Many of these opportunities can not be found anywhere other than an urban university. With pro sports teams and large venue concerts in the city regularly, there are very unique internship and part time work opportunities available for students in almost any academic niche.

Read this story about one North Central student who got to intern with the Minnesota Vikings football team for tips on how you can land your dream internship.

Attending a university downtown will help you afford life

Many people may be surprised that a downtown university can be economically the right decision as well. Think of it this way:

  • With a dorm room in the heart of downtown, all of the resources that you need (food, entertainment, clothes, etc.) will be within walking distance of your front door.
  • Since you can walk to the store or to the stadium, you don’t necessarily need a car.
  • You will also have easy access to companies in need of part-time employees. That’s you!

You should go to college downtown.

Downtown campus with downtown activity

Colleges downtown give you so many opportunities that you should really never be bored. There is always something to do, whether its visiting a new coffee shop, cheering for the local sports teams, or enjoying one of the many concerts that take place in the city.

A great compliment to a downtown university is that there is something for everyone. If you love sports there is always a game to watch somewhere. For example, North Central is located within a few minutes of the Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Lynx, and Timberwolves.

Also, if you are a fan of the arts or history, Minneapolis is home to many galleries, world-class theatres, and museums to go and enjoy what you love. An urban university is great because it allows you to embrace who you are and remain passionate about the things you have always enjoyed.

Plan your visit to North Central University’s downtown Minneapolis campus.

Cultural experiences

Being at a downtown college also allows students the chance to see and meet people of different backgrounds and cultures. This allows you a great opportunity to converse with people who bring a different story than you or the people you grew up with. Meeting different people allows students to grow intellectually and gain experiences that they will have often in their futures.

Easy transportation

A downtown campus will also offer transportation in abundance. Whether you are going somewhere several minutes away or several hours away you will always have great options. Being at a downtown university allows you access to the light rail, or subway, and there are always plenty of requested ride services available such as Uber or Lyft. In cities like Minneapolis, there are also public transportation systems like busses and the light rail through Metro Transit.

If you live far from home and want to return home during a break, attending college in a city also gives you a large airport only a few minutes away. No matter what your end destination is, attending an urban college will give you plenty of great options to get there.

So why does college location matter?

Location plays a big role in what benefits a college can offer to you. The presence of many of these downtown university benefits can make a huge difference in your college experience. Be sure to keep these things in mind when deciding if an urban university is right for you.

Getting ready to make your college decision?

If you’re evaluating your top college options, you’re probably making a pros and cons list, or maybe you’re making lots of lists.

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