The Mathematics program at North Central is relatively new. It was established by the Academic Affairs Committee of the University and approved by the President’s Cabinet in the spring of 2008 and the program began to accept students in the autumn of that year.

Education – broadly defined – is the main emphasis of the Mathematics program at North Central University.

The two major foci of the Mathematics program are “pure Mathematics” (the Mathematics Major, offered through the Department of Arts and Sciences) which is intended to provide an undergraduate education for students interested in attending graduate school in Mathematics and eventually teaching Mathematics at the college or university level; and Mathematics Education (a major offered through the Education Department) which trains students who wish to teach Mathematics in middle or high school. Many of the faculty members who teach in the Mathematics program in the Department of Arts and Sciences also teach in the Mathematics Education program.

The Mathematics Major, offered through the Department of Arts and Sciences, also has potential application to those who wish to work in certain subfields of business, typically providing support in engineering, financial, and insurance companies. Other Mathematics majors find their discipline a good preparation for certain specialties in law or business school or for graduate programs in engineering or economics (econometrics). The Student Success Center houses many resources that can help students with an interest in Mathematics to explore post-college careers.

Dr. Farella Shaka is the lead Mathematics professor on campus. She would be happy to discuss the Mathematics Major with interested potential students.

The “Mathematics Major Scholarship,” a $1,250.00 per semester, four-year scholarship (totaling $10,000.00) was established in the spring of 2010 for students pursuing a Mathematics Major.

Program Courses for Current Students

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