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A student in North Central University's cafeteria.

We partner with Pioneer College Caterers to offer you a wide variety of nutritious and delicious all-you-can eat meals in our campus cafeteria—a gathering place for students to enjoy meals together. Here are some of the highlights!

Bonus bites and theme dinners

One day a week we offer a special surprise—fresh fruit displays, cupcake extravaganzas, a fried food bar. You never know what to expect!

We also have monthly theme dinners for a little change of pace. These include barbeque, a yearly Super Bowl Party, and a student appreciation dinner.

Flexible meal plans

We offer a variety of meal plan packages so you can get the right number of meals every week. We also offer a Flex Plan, which allows you to put money on your ID so you can purchase meals in the cafeteria or snack bar. You’ll pick your meal plan during registration. Questions about selecting or changing your meal plan? Contact Residence Life.

You can also check to see how you’re using your plan.

Nutrition and dietary awareness

We’re proud of our nutritional awareness program, designed to help you make wise choices about your diet and health. Contact us to learn more.

We partner with the Student Success Center and Residence Life to provide meals for students with special dietary needs. If you have any dietary needs, get in touch with the Student Success Center:


The Deli is a great place to pick up a quick snack or meal. We offer sandwiches, fresh fruit, drinks, desserts, and more. You can use cash, your Flex Plan, or you can transfer meals from your meal plan during transfer hours.

Contact us

We love to hear from students with questions, comments, or suggestions. Contact us anytime or stop by!

Location: Our office is located on the first floor in Carlson Hall (next to the Cafeteria)
Phone: 612.343.4771