Sports Management


124 Credit Hours
School of Business
Clint Watt, Chair

The Sports Management major is designed to prepare graduates to become leaders in this exciting and varied field. Preparation for this field will include an emphasis on studies in both relationship principles and business practices, in addition to sports management practices and procedures.     All students in this major field of study will also complete 27 credits of Bible & theology training. We believe that this training is essential in the support of NCU’s institutional mission of “preparing students to fulfill Biblical models of leadership & ministry throughout the world.” The knowledge and insights from this field of study are meant to enhance the student’s spiritual preparation for a life of serving God whether that be in a secular or Christian environment.     Students will benefit from North Central’s location as the Twins Cities has nine professional sport teams, numerous colleges, a strong park & recreation district and many private fitness clubs to enhance the classroom experience with practical experience and on the job training.


Part 1. General Education Core
Part 2. Biblical Studies Core
Part 3. Business Core
24 Credits
Select one (3 credits):
Part 4. Sports Management Core
20 Credits
Part 5. Sports Management Electives
Select 15 credits:
Part 6. General Electives and Bachelor of Arts Degree Option
6 Credits