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General Information

Here’s some additional information about student accounts and payment.


Students can pay using a credit card or their checking or savings account through our online payment center, Touchnet. Go to Skyline> Colleague > Student Finance > Make a Payment > Payment Center.

Students can bring cash or check payments to the Student Financial Services office at Suite 100, Miller Hall, or can mail check or money order payments to:

North Central University
Student Financial Services
910 Elliot Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

To ensure proper and timely processing checks must include the following:

  • Paid to the order of North Central University
  • Student’s first and last name
  • Student ID number
  • The term to which the payment will be applied (ie. fall 2020)

These details can be found on the student statement at Skyline > Colleague > Student Finance > XXXX Term > View Statement.

You can also make payments by wiring funds or through international bank drafts. Contact us for instructions.

Authorized User

Parents who wish to pay for their student’s school will need to be set up as an Authorized User to get access to any financial information (balance due, Ram Plan, financial aid, etc). Students can set up their parents as an Authorized User in Skyline > Colleague > Student Finance > Make a payment > Authorized user. 

Once a parent is authorized, they will receive an email with their own login information to the payment center, TouchNet. Here they can view the student balance, make payments, and set up a Ram Plan.

For the protection and safety of our students, authorized users who wish to discuss their student’s finances in detail must provide their student’s school ID number and FERPA pin. The registrar’s office can assist students with setting up or remembering their pin numbers.

Payment Plans (Ram Plan)

Each semester we offer an interest free payment plan that allows students to spread out that semester’s remaining balance over several months. Students who have enrolled in a payment plan on or before the financial clearance date are considered financially cleared for the semester. Students can enroll by accessing the TouchNet payment center through Colleague Self-Service > Student Finance > Make a Payment > Payment Center.

Enrollment must be done each semester and has an affordable $40 fee. Payments are based on the account balance for that term and are automatically deducted on the 10th of each month. Each plan has an open and close date for enrollment.

Plans can be managed through the TouchNet payment center where you can see the details of your plan 24/7, change payment types, pay your next installment, or catch up on a late payment. Details of plan enrollment and plan management can be found under skyline > student accounts > student resources tab.

Fall Payment Plan

  • Opens July 1 – closes September 9
  • Optional down-payment will reduce the amount of the remaining payments
  • Payments auto withdraw on the 10th of each month
  • 5 month plan: August – December

Spring Payment Plan

  • Opens December 1 – closes February 9
  • Optional down-payment will reduce the amount of the remaining payments
  • Payments auto withdraw on the 10th of each month
  • 4 month plan: January – April

Summer Payment Plan

  • Opens April 1 – closes May 9
  • Optional down-payment will reduce the remaining payments
  • Payments auto withdraw on the 10th of each month
  • 2 month plan: May – June.

Dates and Deadlines

Financial Readiness Timetable
Dates are approximate - actual dates will be published per term
Check your aid/balanceJuneNovemberApril
Apply for alternative loans1st week of July1st week of December1st week of April
Sign up for a payment planJulyDecemberApril
Payment deadline2 weeks prior to start2 weeks prior to start1 week prior to start
Late fee appliedWeek after payment deadlineWeek after payment deadlineN/A

*Exact dates of the tuition refund periods can be found on the Skyline calendar.

Late Fee Schedule

We encourage you to pay attention to your email and all communications about dates and deadlines.

All student accounts are expected to be paid in full or covered by financial aid and/or a payment plan on or before the financial clearance date each semester. Students who do not meet the financial clearance deadline or are late on their payment plan payment(s) may be subject to penalties. For more information about financial policies related to delinquent accounts, visit our policies page.

We are here to support you and help make your financial journey a successful one! Reach out to us right away if you need help with your student account.

Explanation of Fees

There are various fees that will be charged to your account throughout the year. They all support essential functions at North Central and help keep your experience here a positive one.

  • Student Services and Activities Fee: Covers computer and web services for your student along with services that help your student maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. The Student Services and Activities fee helps support things like internet and wireless access, email and voicemail, computer labs and classrooms, and online registration and grades. Support services are also provided such as academic support, counseling, access to the fitness center and professional training, intramural sports, and other wellness activities.
  • Parking or Bus Pass Fee: Covers either on-campus parking for either residential or commuting students or a discounted Student Bus Pass. Parking is given first applied, first served. Applications for both parking and bus passes can be found through skyline.
  • Past Due Payment Fee: Assessed when there is an unpaid balance remaining on a student’s account after the payment deadline has passed. The initial fee is $100 for the fall.
  • Program Fee: Program Fees are fees charged every semester to fund your specific degree program
  • Late Rent Payment Fee: Assessed when a rent payment has not been made before the 6th of the month. The late rent fee is $30.00.
  • Online Course Fee: Assessed when a traditional undergrad student registers for an online course.

Financial Aid Information

If you’re receiving a refund because of a credit resulting from financial aid, that refund issued within 14 days of the later of the following: The date the credit balance occurs or the first day of class of the enrollment period. Refund of a credit balance from a student account will be processed after the entire sum of the school charges from the current enrollment and authorized charges from the current enrollment have been paid in full.

Students may sign up for e-refunds through Colleague Self-Service Payment Center, TouchNet.

Students who are not signed up for e-refunds will receive their refund by paper check mailed to the priority address on file at NCU.

Making Changes to Your Student Account

For more details about the financial impact to your student account or financial aid due to dropped classes, withdrawals, dismissals, and delinquent accounts, please review our Financial Policies.

1098-T Information

Students can access their 1098-T information online at Here you can view or print your 1098-T Statement. If there are additional questions, please contact Heartland’s customer service department or contact us.