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Related Policy – Flexible Work Arrangements

About This Procedure

Responsible Officer
Vice President of Business & Operations

Policy Owner
Director of Human Resources

Policy Contact
Jan Serumgard



University Procedure

Establishing flexible work arrangements

The goal of a Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement is to ensure that both the employee and supervisor have a shared understanding of the arrangement. The employee’s supervisor works with the Office of Human Resources to develop an appropriate Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement. The Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement should reflect the particularities of each situation and should be consistent with the department’s or college’s staffing needs.

  1. The Employee submits a flexible work arrangement request in writing. The request must include:
    • The type of arrangement being requested.
    • The reasons for the request.
    • The employee’s plan for meeting the responsibilities of his or her position.
    • Work schedule (hours, days, commitment) requested.
    • The proposed start and end date of the arrangement, if applicable
  2. The supervisor evaluates the feasibility of the flexible work arrangement request.
    • In considering the request for a Flexible Work Arrangement, the immediate supervisor must consider the impact on the business unit and other business units; workload and productivity; other faculty and staff members, students and customers; and business needs.
    • The immediate supervisor should use the Appendix: Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines to evaluate a request.
    • As needed, meet with the Office of Human Resources to discuss the details of this policy and what should be addressed in a Flexible Work Arrangement.
  3. Work with the Office of Human Resources to document the request in a Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement.
  4. The Supervisor, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, approves the request.
    • If the request is rejected, communicate to the employee the reason for the rejection of the request.
  5. All requisite parties sign the agreement.
  6. Supervisor submits the original copy of the agreement to the Office of Human Resources for archiving and keeps a copy for their own records.

Managing and evaluating the flexible work arrangement

Once the flexible work arrangement is actioned, the supervisor must regularly monitor and assess the performance of the employee.

  1. Manage the flexible work arrangement to assess its continued feasibility.
  2. At least annually, during the annual employee review process, evaluate the flexible work arrangement.

Amending or discontinuing a flexible work arrangement

Once approved, the employee may not modify the agreement without the written consent of his or her supervisor. However, a supervisor may modify an approved the agreement at any time, if the supervisor, relevant vice president, or academic dean determines that such modification will better meet the current needs of the department and/or the university, for performance concerns, changing operational needs, or any other non-discriminatory reason. Advance notice should be given as possible when discontinuing a flexible work arrangement.

  1. In writing, notify the employee of the desire to terminate or to amend the agreement.
  2. Discuss proposed changes or termination of the agreement with the employee.
  3. In writing, notify the Office of Human Resources of changes of the termination of the agreement or any and all changes to the agreement.
    • If changes are made, complete a new Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement.
  4. Follow all procedures for documenting work arrangements.