Ministry/Community Project I-IV

PRAC 201-204
Practics/Professional Course

*Note: PRAC 201-204 are not courses taken for academic credit, but rather graduation requirements for which students must register. As such, students may not enroll only in PRAC 201-204 during the Fall or Spring semesters. Students may enroll only in PRAC 201-204 for the Summer semester, provided that they attended the preceeding Spring semester and are enrolled for the subsequent Fall semester.

Ministry service-learning is an approach to experiential learning, whereby students learn and develop through active participation and engage in activities that address human and community needs together. Ministry service-learning helps foster civic responsibility; enhances North Central’s academic curriculum by connecting academic theory with real-world experience; and includes structured reflection. It includes four semesters of ongoing service on campus, in the community or at a church while enrolled at North Central.  PRAC 201-202 requires the service be completed in a church, while PRAC 203-204 may be completed at any church, non-profit, or NCSA campus organization. At least 15 hours, approximately one to two hours per week, is required. All students are required to fulfill their respective ministry involvement requirements in order to graduate from North Central University. This requirement will be graded on a pass/fail basis.