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Related Policy – Bias, Discrimination, & Harassment

About This Procedure

Responsible Officer
University President

Policy Owner
Vice President of Human Resources & Operations

Policy Contact
Vice President of Human Resources & Operations


University Procedure

How to report

Individuals are encouraged to make a report as soon as possible following an alleged incident. There is no statute of limitations for reporting prohibited conduct to the university under this policy; however, the university’s ability to respond may diminish over time, as evidence may erode, memories may fade, and respondents may no longer be affiliated with the university.

  • Reports of alleged bias, discrimination, or harassment, other than sexual misconduct, must be made via the university’s Bias Incident Form. Reports of sexual misconduct must be made, pursuant to the university’s Title IX Policy, to the university’s Title IX Coordinator.
    • Reports can be made by telephone, email, in person, and/or on the university website.
    • Individuals also have the option of making an anonymous report using the University’s website.
      • The university may be limited in its ability to investigate an anonymous report unless sufficient information is furnished to enable the university to conduct a meaningful and fair investigation. The individual making the report is encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible to allow the university to investigate the report and respond as appropriate.
    • For incidents involving an emergency situation where there exists an immediate threat of physical harm to any person or property or medical attention is required, community members should call 911 and the Office of Campus Security and Safety at the following phone number: 612.343.4445. In addition, if you believe a crime has occurred, you may contact the Office of Campus Security and Safety at the above number or the Minneapolis police at:
      • 911 (for emergencies)
      • 311 (for non-emergencies)
      • Minneapolis Police Department
        • 350 South 5th Street, Room 130
        • Minneapolis, MN 55415
      • Submit an online police report