Celebration of Spring 2020 Graduates

Celebrate the spring 2020 graduates of North Central University. Read messages of celebration, view lists of graduates, and see academic award winners.

Letter from Scott Hagan, Ph.D., President of North Central, to graduates

Dear NCU Graduates,


Please let me be one of the first to congratulate you on earning your degree. Make no mistake about it, you have accomplished something very few people in our world have accomplished. This degree will mark your life and will raise everyone’s expectation for what is next. You have demonstrated an unusual resiliency and focus, traits that will serve you well for the rest of your life. While portions of this great moment will be delayed, specifically Commencement, I hope you can take a step back and feel the excitement people are having right now over your academic success.


One of the best things about being a college graduate, is that you now have a new title. Not only are you a college graduate, you are now an alumni of your beloved NCU. Our connection will last a lifetime as we share our common bond of Minneapolis and NCU. Please keep us at the top of your heart and champion NCU in the same way NCU will be your greatest champion.


Please keep Jesus at the center of your life and universe. Read your Bible, pray, and share your faith with others. Make sure to love your local church and to live an emotionally generous life. There is nothing but God’s goodness in front of you.


Serving as your president for these last three years has been a thrill ride. Mrs. ‘H” and I love you dearly and will continue to pray for your well-being and success.


Let’s stay close!

Scott Hagan, Ph.D., President of North Central University (and Mrs. H)

New NCU president Scott Hagan and wife Karen