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Campus Safety

Going to college in an urban setting, one of your first questions might be about safety and security. We make that a top priority at North Central, and we’re proud of our excellent track record of safety on campus.

Here are some of the things we do to keep our campus safe.


Being a city campus involves ongoing attention to safety in an urban setting and having strong plans in place to keep our campus and university community safe. NCU Operations and Campus and Safety and Security teams continually evaluate plans and procedures to protect NCU community members and our campus at the highest levels. Several recent enhancements to security protocols and an increase in security personnel have taken place. Some of the changes include:

  • Established more streamlined working relationship with the Minneapolis Park Police Chief to collaborate on neighborhood safety, ensure more rapid response, and create preparedness training
  • Partnered with student leadership departments to take on peripheral student service duties to free up-front facing security assets
  • Added shift officers during standard business hours
  • Contracted third-party on call security vendor for major event and incident response
  • Increased surveillance abilities around campus perimeter
  • Updated and expanded emergency response protocols for civil unrest
  • Supplemented tools and updated officer service equipment

Emergency operations planning at a university always includes accounting for any number of scenarios that may take place, ranging from weather disasters to intruders. Planning for civic unrest in the vicinity of campus, regardless of the trigger, includes creating action plans, communication plans, and even evacuation plans if deemed necessary. Our teams work in cooperation with law enforcement that includes not only the Minneapolis Police Department but also the Hennepin County Sheriff and Minneapolis Park Police.

Safety and security training is part of Orientation for new students and reviewed at mandatory meetings for residential students. We are working with the Chief of the Minneapolis Park Police to provide training opportunities for all constituents in cooperation with the Park Police.

Training for our Campus Safety and Security officers is being expanded, as well. 

Living in a city has always offered great reward and a certain amount of risk, and we have seen God’s faithful hand of protection on our institution and on our students, time and time again in the 90 years we have been part of this city. While we know this season may feel different that times past, it is neither surprising to God nor beyond His reach.

We will always do all we can, humanly speaking, to protect this precious community and its people and be wise in our assessment of risk. Yet we stand firm in our faith in God, the redemption of our Savior Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, and remain confident in God’s provision and protection for North Central. Our ultimate security force reaches to the heavens and is as wide as the thousands of constituents—students, parents, employees, alumni, and friends of the university—who pray faithfully on our behalf.

24/7/365 Emergency Services

We’re on call and patrolling the campus around the clock.

Industry Standard Training

All of our campus security officers receive full industry standard training, so they’re prepared to respond to any situation.

Personal Escorts

We provide personal safety escorts around campus, from parking lots, and from the light rail 24 hours a day.

Vehicle Assistance

We can help you unlock your car or give you a jump-start if the need arises.

Crime Statistics

Wondering about the crime statistics in our area? Read the 2023 Annual Security Report.

Fire Safety

Read the 2023 Annual Fire Safety Report.

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