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Security Officer

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Position title:
Security Officer

Job type:
Student Employment, Part time

Campus Safety and Security

NCU Security Department Mission Statement

Safeguarding our community through holistic service and effective partnerships.

Position purpose

The Security Officer in the North Central University Campus Safety and Security Department is responsible for appropriately responding to emergencies, mitigating risk through proactive crime prevention and safety prevention measures, providing quality customer service, enforcing company policies, local, state and federal laws, and incident recording. This job description is general in nature to include responsibilities that are applicable to the different job roles in the Security Department: Foot Patrol, Vehicle Patrol, and Communications Officer.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

(30%) Patrol within North Central patrol boundaries

  • Complete patrol tasks as assigned per each shift worked
  • Maintain officer presence in visible areas throughout campus at least 50 minutes out of every hour
  • Proactively ensure campus safety and security while patrolling (ex: close a propped open exterior door)
  • Provide customer service
  • Maintain knowledge of building names and addresses, street names, intersections, etc.
  • Properly document tasks throughout shift
  • Provide security or safety reports to supervisor(s)
  • Utilize virtual patrolling methods via the department camera system
  • Ensure the security of exterior doors, restricted areas on campus, exterior windows, and internal offices, classrooms, and living areas
  • Conduct regular safety audits and risk assessments as assigned (ex: exterior light checks)
  • Report maintenance concerns to the Facilities Management department as outlined in the Departmental Communication Matrix
  • Report student concerns to the Residence Life department as outlined in the Departmental Communication Matrix
  • Enforce trespassing policies and laws

(15%) Maintain access control systems

  • Provide NCU constituents with identifications cards as needed
  • Provide approved NCU constituents with checkout keys from the Security lockbox
  • Regularly check access lists and room reservation programs prior to granting access to areas of campus
  • Enforce polices regarding guests on campus
  • Lock and unlock areas of campus as assigned during each shift
  • Register guests into visitor registration system
  • Maintain high level of access control for exterior doors via door locks and card access system
  • Document via Case Reports and/or Event Logging of known access control safety or security concerns
  • Respond to door unlock requests in a timely manner after proper verification
  • Maintain organized ID card system for checkout keys
  • Document checkout keys via Key Tracking program
  • Assist with access control for vendors as needed around campus
  • Assign access rights via card access system only after proper verification

(15%) Provide safety escorts within patrol boundaries

  • Provide escorts (walking or vehicle) to NCU constituents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while on duty
  • Respond to escort requested in a timely manner
  • If driving the vehicle, provide escorts in a safe manner while adhering to road signage, local, state, and federal laws
  • Ensure route of escort is the safest option for oneself and the person(s) requesting the escort

(10%) Provide emergency service response and management

  • Respond to large scale emergency service requests (ex: gas leak, hostage situation, active shooter, etc.)
  • Respond to individual emergency services requests (ex: personal injury, theft, larceny, etc.)
  • Provide on scene management of emergency situation until relieved by supervisor(s) or other local authorities
  • Provide accurate and factual documentation via Case Reports and/or Event Logging during and after responding to an emergency situation
  • Communicate with supervisor(s) and/or other local authorities
  • Provide investigative services after incident

(10%) Provide parking and traffic control services

  • Proactively provide parking information to North Central constituents and guests
  • Maintain knowledge of parking lot locations and names
  • Enforce parking regulations via ticketing and other methods as assigned on the shift task list
  • Properly register guests’ vehicles in visitor registration system
  • Proactively patrol in parking lots paying attention to security or safety risks
  • Provide traffic control services for events with large number of vehicles moving at the same time
  • Maintain proper traffic control safety measures (ex: wearing orange vests)
  • Place signage in parking lots for events as needed
  • Distribute and collect parking cones, barricades, and signage throughout campus
  • Assist with parking permit processing and distribution when needed

(10%) Maintain current and up-to-date officer training and standards

  • Attend and participate in established weekly Security department meetings
  • Attend and participate in certification training sessions
  • Maintain current emergency response training and/or certifications
  • Maintain current defensive tactics and other weapon certifications as outlined in the department officer ranking system
  • Attend scheduled training sessions on different roles in department
  • Assist with setup, teardown, and leading of meetings and trainings

(5%) Provide vehicle assistance for NCU constituents

  • Provide vehicle jump start services with battery jump pack, once trained
  • Provide vehicle unlock assistance with security owned unlock tools, once trained
  • Maintain wavier documentation for car jumps and unlocks
  • Refer NCU constituents to other resources for vehicle assistance when needed

(5%) Assist with vehicle fleet management

  • Provide vehicle keys based on driver verification and scheduling
  • Document checkout keys via established key checkout or vehicle checkout systems
  • Document and communicate any vehicle problems to supervisor(s)
  • Retrieve mileage and evaluate condition of vehicle after vehicle has been returned
  • Assist with North Central owned vehicle jump start and unlocks

Required qualifications/skills

  • Security office must have high school diploma and a current NCU student. Preference given to those with relevant certifications, training, or degrees. Must be at least 18 years of age; and they must be legally qualified for employment in the United States.
  • Applicants may never have been: Convicted of a felony in any jurisdiction. Convicted of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude including the use and/or possession of a controlled substance with in the seven years prior to beginning employment. Convicted of any law in any jurisdiction involving the sale, delivery, or manufacture of a controlled substance.
  • Knowledge and ability of the use of technological resources including a wide variety of computer programs and applications.
  • Knowledge of North Central environment
  • Knowledge of proactive security measures
  • Skill in proper writing techniques and documentation
  • Skill in observation and detail recognition
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally or in writing, to include email
  • Ability to deliver quality customer service
  • Ability to lift and move up to 30 pounds of training equipment
  • Ability to make progress on projects amidst frequent interruptions
  • Ability to keep well organized
  • Ability to maintain composure, professionalism, and effectiveness in stressful situations and dealing with complaints from faculty, staff, students, and guests
  • Ability to attend regularly scheduled meetings, training sessions, and other departmental educational opportunities
  • Ability to participate in active training sessions such as Defensive Tactics
  • Proactively take initiative to get tasks done without prompting
  • Responsibly meet deadlines and self-manage work assigned
  • Show positivity throughout daily work and stressful situations

Working conditions and frequency

Environmental Conditions

  • Foot Patrol: Majority of the time walking or standing is required. Ability to wear 5 lbs. or more of uniform and equipment over several hours. Frequent use of legs and lower extremities.
  • Vehicle Patrol: Involves a mix of sitting for periods of time and walking or standing for periods of time. Ability to wear 5 or more pounds of uniform and equipment over several hours. Requires repetitive motion of hands, arms, legs, and feet.
  • Communications Officer: Position involves repetitive motions of the fingers, hands, and wrists on a daily basis. Also includes frequent standing up and sitting down.

Tools and Equipment

Position involves the use of multiple technologies, vehicular operations, defensive tools, and parking barricades and supplies.

For more information, contact

Michael Woods at 612.343.3401 or

The aforementioned statements are not intended to encompass all functions and qualifications of the position; rather, they are intended to provide a general framework of the requirements of the position. Job incumbents may be required to perform other functions not specifically addressed in this job description.

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