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Job Info

Position title:

Job type:
Student Employment, Part time


Position purpose

To help build relationships between prospective students and North Central University through one-to-one contact via phone conversations and e-mails and to provide assistance in the daily tasks of the Admissions Office.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • Represent North Central University in an honest and forthright manner
  • Contact prospective students by phone and answer questions concerning NCU’s offerings
  • Inform prospective students of programs and offerings of NCU
  • Be able to communicate and relate well to prospective students, as well as encourage their attendance at NCU
  • Strong interpersonal sensitivities and skills to ask penetrating questions resulting in natural outgrowth of building relationships
  • Complete and update records of prospective students and help in assessing their interest in NCU
  • Consistently meet the goals set for each Telecounselor
  • Be professional in attitude and verbal presentation
  • Perform recruitment duties as assigned by the Admissions Coordinator
  • Be on time for each shift

Required qualifications/skills

  • Currently enrolled student at NCU
  • 1 year of customer service experience
  • Be comfortable making phone calls
  • Must have strong interpersonal sensitivities and skills
  • Student Recruiters are expected to show up on time and stay for their entire shift
  • Every student recruiter will be required to complete FERPA training
  • Each Telecounselor is required to make a minimum of 20 calls per hour

Additional comments

  • Recall your college experience and not to assume that the students with whom you are talking to know what questions they need to be asking. Getting the student to talk about him/herself. Using the telephone as a means to guide prospective students through their college search and creating a great relational experience. Our main goal is to connect with prospective students and drive them towards an action, not to simply contact them! (Action items refer to filling out an application or visiting campus)
  • Hiring timeline: beginning of each semester
  • Hours/week: 10-12 hours/week
  • Time:  M-F 3pm-9pm SAT 10am-6pm

For more information, contact

David Duxbury at 612-343-4462 or

The aforementioned statements are not intended to encompass all functions and qualifications of the position; rather, they are intended to provide a general framework of the requirements of the position. Job incumbents may be required to perform other functions not specifically addressed in this job description.

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