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NCU Leadership Roundtable: Discernment and Decision Making

NCU President Scott Hagan standing in front of the skyway during sunsetNorth Central University introduces NCU Leadership Roundtable, a focused leadership series designed to help you foster dynamic skills and a new mindset for problem solving, understanding your environment, and communicating the future with accuracy. This live Zoom series kicks off on March 4, 2021, with Scott Hagan, Ph.D., nationally sought-after leadership expert, author, and president of North Central University. President Hagan will present three short 'TedTalk-like' discussions, followed by a lively Q&A session! Discussion worksheets will be emailed to all attendees prior to the event for further self reflection and inquiry. Topic: DISCERNMENT AND DECISION-MAKING How do you make decisions as a leader? Is there a way to cut through the noise to combine data and discernment for the best outcomes? This online seminar packs years of wisdom into a two-hour timeframe perfect for busy professionals. NCU Leadership Roundtable is designed for maximum engagement and learning to help you lead with excellence in a post-pandemic world. Register now! Once registered, the Zoom link for the event will be emailed to you.