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Response to Sexual Assault and Resources

If you have personally experienced any form of sexual misconduct, tell someone as soon as possible. Your safety and well-being is paramount to North Central University. In an emergency, call 911 (if on campus, dial 9 for an outside line) or call the Office of Campus Safety at 612.343.4445.

Seek appropriate medical care as soon as possible for injuries, preventive treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and possible evidence collection, even if the victim is uncertain whether he or she wants to press charges or pursue legal action. Immediate medical examination, ideally within the first 24 hours after any sexual misconduct occurs, helps assure the preservation of evidence. Preserving evidence may be necessary for the proof of criminal sexual misconduct or to obtain a protection order.

Following a sexual assault and prior to an examination, do not bathe, shower, brush teeth, comb hair, smoke, eat or drink or change clothes, and if possible, do not urinate; do not alter the scene of the assault. If you decide to receive an examination, bring another set of clothes to the hospital since clothes will be collected as part of the evidence. The University will assist, at the direction of law enforcement authorities, in obtaining, securing, and maintaining evidence in connection with the incident, and in preserving any materials relevant to a University disciplinary proceeding, regardless of whether the employee or student files a formal complaint with the University.

Contact confidential on-campus and/or off-campus resources for emotional support, information, and/or advocacy.

Report the conduct to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator can arrange for interim measures and accommodations, including no contact orders. The Title IX Coordinator can provide information to students who wish to obtain orders of protection or harassment restraining orders with local authorities.

Emergency Contacts

Minneapolis Police Department:
Emergency: call or text 911 (dial 9 first if using a campus phone)

Campus Safety
Emergency: 612.343.4444

On campus places to report sexual misconduct

Ryan Stromberg (Title IX Coordinator)

Stephanie Crosby (Title IX Coordinator)

Sable Heimer (Title IX Campus Support)


Office #147b, First floor of Miller Hall

On campus Confidential Resources

Student Success Center Counselors:
Office Number: 612.343.5000

 Associate Vice President of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor: 

  • Joshua Edmon

Joshua also serves as our Dean of Multicultural Engagement, so you should be clear with him when you make an appointment if you are seeking a pastoral confidential resource.

Associate Dean of Discipleship and Residence Life

off campus Confidential Resources

RAINN (Rape Abuse, and Incest National Network):
Get Help 24/7: 1.800.656.4673 (HOPE)

Sexual Violence Center:
24-Hour Crisis Line: 612.871.5111 or 952.448.5425

Healthcare Resources

Hennepin Healthcare:
Sexual Assault Resource Service: 612.873.5832
701 Park Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55415

Abbott Northwestern Hospital:
Emergency Department: 612.863.4233
800 E. 28th Street Minneapolis, MN 55407

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) perform a special exam and collect evidence in a “rape kit.” There is no charge for the SANE exam.

You can have a SANE exam within 120 hours after the rape or sexual assault. The purpose of the SANE exam is to collect forensic evidence, receive preventative health care, and see if you have any physical injuries that need tending. The exam will take place at the sexual assault exam site, in a confidential room with trained staff and volunteers. During the exam, the SANE will collect evidence such as your clothing, DNA swabs, etc. Prior to the exam, preserve all evidence and do not shower, bathe, change clothes, douche, brush teeth, drink or eat, or throw away any clothing until police or medical personnel say it is okay. If you have done any of the above, it is still possible to do an exam, but it is not as effective. So if possible, please try to avoid any of these actions. Completing a SANE exam does not 49 require you to file a police report. But, it does help preserve evidence in case you decide to file a police report at a later date. You have the right to a sexual violence advocate during your exam. Choosing to be seen by a SANE is about your health and safety; you have the right to decline any part of the exam at any time.

Medical examination costs incurred by a county, city, or private hospital or other emergency medical facility or by a private physician for the examination of a victim of criminal sexual conduct when the examination is performed for the purpose of gathering evidence shall be paid by the county in which the criminal sexual conduct occurred. These costs include, but are not limited to, full cost of the rape kit examination and associated tests relating to the complainant’s sexually transmitted disease status and pregnancy status.

Ongoing Assistance Resources

Counseling Services/Mental Health:

Student Success Center (Students): Office Number: 612.343.5000

Cornerstone Minnesota:
Crisis Hotline: 1.866.223.1111
Phone: 952.884.0376

Sexual Violence Center:
24-Hour Crisis Line: 612.871.5111 or 952.448.5425

Health Services:
Hennepin Healthcare:
Sexual Assault Resource Service: 612.873.5832

Abbott Northwestern Hospital:
Emergency Department: 612.863.4233

Victim Advocacy Services:
RAINN (Rape Abuse, and Incest National Network):
Get Help 24/7: 1.800.656.4673 (HOPE)

Domestic Abuse Service Center:
Hennepin County Government Center: 612.348.5073

Legal Assistance:

MN Coalition against Sexual Assault (MNCASA):

Other Services:

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs:

Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board:
612.201.7300 or 1.888.622.8799

Visa and Immigration Assistance:
Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota:

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services:

Student Financial Aid:
University Student Financial Services