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“Always Remain” Worship Live album available now

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Every other year, Worship Live North Central University’s student-led worship team records an album to share the love of Christ and some music with those outside of NCU. The 2017 Worship Live album, “Always Remain” is now available for purchase on iTunes and GooglePlay!

A song that has reached thousands

The title track was released last month as a single, and has reached thousands of people. Representing an unprecedented reach for Worship Live, the “Always Remain” video, recorded live in chapel by alumni-owned Narrate Films, has been viewed more than 67,000 times on Facebook, and is the most-shared music video in NCU history.

Watch the music video

Worship Live Album Always Remain

download “Always Remain” today

Worship alongside the North Central community with the compelling Worship Live album, available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

Download Always Remain on iTunes

Download Always Remain on Google Play