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Worship Resources

Mic stand set up and ready for worship.

North Central University students, faculty, and staff all love to worship the Creator, and there are some extremely gifted people in our community who use their talents to praise the Lord and minister to others.

As a pastor or church leader, we want to share our abundance of worship resources with you and your community. Here are some of the resources we offer.

Listen to chapel

Our daily Chapel services—a time for us to come together for lively, dynamic worship and relevant, purposeful messages—are a highlight of community life at North Central.

We share all of our Chapel services online, so you can listen even if you can’t make it to campus. Enjoy!

Worship teams

North Central is home to several talented worship teams.

Worship Live is our premier touring worship group. Led by singer/songwriter Jeff Deyo, Worship Live is composed of individuals who have come to Minneapolis from all parts of the country with one common goal—to learn and create amazing music that will change the world!

Our Worship Live teams are the primary worship leaders at our daily chapel services.

Worship Live charts and more

Download charts from our Worship Live albums.

Worship Live is now on MultiTracks! Check out our page here.