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Student Complaints

Academic Appeals

An academic appeal is a request regarding an academic policy, procedure, and/or regulation. The central focus of an appeal is the institutional policy and the considered merits of its waiver. Click here to review the list of specific appeals available from the Registrar.


Bias, Discrimination, & Harassment Policy and Reporting

North Central University is committed to maintaining a Christ-centered community in which all members of the North Central University community are treated with respect and dignity, free from bias, discrimination, and harassment. Click here to review the policy in detail and steps to reporting.


Title IX Policy and Reporting

This policy applies to sexual misconduct committed by or against a University community member. Click here to review the policy in detail and steps to reporting.



A complaint is an expressed concern about an issue or service that does not fit into the categories above.

  • Click here for Academic related complaints, such as instructor concern, course experience, or issue associated with academic advising.
  • Click here for non-Academic related complaints, such as concerns related to living quarters on campus, experience with a service department, or issue associated with chapel.