About NCU

Institutional Student Outcomes

  1. Christ followers guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.
  2. Lifelong learners in the highest tradition of Christian scholarship.
  3. Leaders serving and empowering others in the church and throughout the world.
  4. Ministers communicating Christ’s love and the Holy Spirit’s power through word and action.

Mission Statement

North Central University is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, Pentecostal school with a commitment to academic excellence that prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world. - Eph.4:11-12

More about our mission statement

Your life. Our mission.

North Central University combines rigorous academic training with the spiritual passion characteristic of our Bible college heritage. Our vision is to prepare Pentecostal leaders who will serve God in the church and in the world.

God's power at work

Students say the main reason they come to North Central is our spiritual atmosphere. They describe the university as a place where people are passionate about their faith and Christ is at the center of their entire college experience. If you want to grow in your Christian faith, you'll find that the faculty and staff at North Central University are eager to help. We deliberately create a learning environment where students can increase their knowledge of the Scriptures and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Involved in ministry

As their faith grows, many students take a message of hope beyond the campus. They are actively involved in the church, missions and the local community. Every day, many of them are on the streets, in the neighborhoods or at the homeless shelters sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ with those who are desperately in need. Not waiting for graduation to serve those around them, North Central students are making a difference in the world right now.

Co-curricular Activities

At North Central, we offer a wide variety of co-curricular activities to our students. All of the activities—sports, music, theatre, the student newspaper, ministry teams, student government and many others—give you the opportunity to make new friendships, develop leadership skills and be a part of something you enjoy. We emphasize developing leaders, which is why North Central has 250 leadership positions occupied by students.

Our graduates are prepared

Will a degree from North Central help you attain your career goals? Yes. In a survey, 90 percent of our graduates said they are now in careers or graduate studies that they trained for at North Central. Over 16,000 North Central alumni are serving in churches, classrooms, broadcast studios and offices around the world.

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