North Central students on a study abroad trip.

Intercultural Studies

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Intercultural Studies at a glance

North Central’s Intercultural Studies major will prepare you to share the love of Christ across cultures, focusing on unreached people and the oppressed and impoverished urban and rural poor. You’ll learn to engage with people from various backgrounds, gain global and cultural awareness, develop missional passion and strategies, and grow in your research and teaching skills. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to serve locally and globally, and make a big difference in the lives of others.

What sets us apart

Students in Egypt for a study abroad trip.
Study abroad and fieldwork

Gain real-world experience in one of our study abroad and international programs.

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See the world. Gain global awareness. Get firsthand intercultural experience.

We offer four study abroad programs so you’ll get a truly immersive cross-cultural experience. These experiences are built into each of our tracks and are taken the spring semester of your junior year.

Additionally, you’ll participate in a 4-week faculty-led international fieldwork experience following your sophomore year. Past locations include Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Israel, Lebanon, Macedonia, Peru, Russia, Turkey, and Uganda.

To apply for study abroad trips, please fill out the checklist (pdf), application (pdf), and three reference forms (pdf) and return them to the Study Abroad Coordinator.

The 2016 deadline to apply for Spring 2017 is September 30, 2016.

For more information, contact:

Vienna Lewin
Study Abroad Coordinator
Liechty Hall 103

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Local service

Get involved with local service groups to build new relationships.

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Serve the local community

From the beginning of their time at NCU, students are encouraged—and in some cases required—to become involved with international people locally. To that end, the College of Missions has identified a few churches and organizations where students can plug in and gain experience working cross culturally. The following are only a few of the organizations in the local Missional Network:

  • Christ Church International
  • Light the Way Church
  • Somali Adult Literacy Training (SALT)
  • Union Gospel Mission, Asian Ministries
  • Urban Ventures, Latino Outreach
  • Urban Neighbors
  • World Relief Refugee Ministry
Intercultural Studies faculty at an NCU Days.
Opportunities to connect

Connect with North Central students interested in Intercultural Studies.

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Make connections through student groups and organizations

We offer a variety of opportunities to get connected with students and alumni who have a passion for Intercultural Studies.

Facebook Group

Connect with students, faculty, and alumni on the North Central University College of Missions Facebook page.

  • Skills you’ll gain

    When you graduate from the Intercultural Studies program, you’ll be prepared with:

    • Greater understanding and love for God, others, and yourself
    • A broader understanding of the world around you
    • Theory and practical experience in intercultural service settings
    • Biblical, theological, strategic, and practical understanding of world missions
    • The ability to disciple and mentor others
    • Crosscultural communication skills
  • Tracks

    You can choose one of these tracks to focus on:

    • Children and Youth in Crisis Track
    • International Development and Business
  • Careers

    Our graduates go on to make significant contributions in a number of fields. Here are some possible careers:

    • Missionary
    • Diplomat
    • Evangelist and church planter
    • International developer
    • Ministry director
    • Teacher
  • Minors & supporting programs

    We want you to be well-rounded and well-prepared when you graduate, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose a minor or supporting program so you can explore another area of interest. Here are some possibilities:

    • Biblical Languages
    • Campus Missions
    • Children’s & Family Ministries
    • Evangelism & Church Planting
    • International Development
    • Leadership Development
    • Middle Eastern Studies
    • Preaching
    • Sociology
    • Spanish
    • TEFL Certificate
    • Urban Studies
    • Youth Ministries

    See the full list of minors and supporting programs.

Intercultural Studies alum Tera Weyer.
International Service Worker

Tera Weyer '15
Staples, MN

"The Intercultural Studies program at North Central is one of the best. Through experienced and knowledgeable professors, I learned very practical skills in communicating cross-culturally. The opportunity to study abroad is one of the greatest aspects of North Central. I studied in Cairo, Egypt, for a semester, and my time there challenged, stretched, and changed me in ways I never imagined."

Intercultural Studies student Zachary Fortunato.
Current Student

Zachary Fortunato '16
Bedford, OH

"I had an amazing time at North Central. The teachers are amazingl. They care about what they teach, but more importantly, they care about their students."


All students must complete the General Education Core and Christian Studies Core. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. You need 124 total credit hours to complete the Intercultural Studies degree.

Meet one of your professors

Faculty Member Allen Tennison.

Miller Hall 261

D. Allen Tennison, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theology

After living in Los Angeles for 15 years, I decided to move to Minneapolis in order to teach at North Central University. Even in the dead of winter, I am glad I made that move. North Central University is a fantastic community with a mission that I wholeheartedly support.

What are your areas of expertise?

My education is in historical theology, and my specialty is the early development of Pentecostal theology, particularly pneumatology (doctrine of the Spirit). My interests include church history (which I taught for years in other schools), global and ecumenical theology, and the intersection of theology and culture, including the sciences.

What do you love about teaching at North Central?

I have taught at a handful of schools since 2001, and never experienced the camaraderie among my peers that I have at North Central University. The students at NCU are also a pleasure to teach. I especially enjoy watching and guiding their development as some take class after class with me.

What are your favorite classes to teach?

There is not a class that I don’t enjoy teaching, but the classes that I teach the most include “Pentecostal Distinctives” (covering the history and theology of the Pentecostal movement) and “God and the Gospel” which serves as our core theology class. I am excited about a number of classes currently in development that focus on the intersection of theology with the modern world. These classes, known as “worldview theology” classes, will answer significant questions such as “how do I faithfully navigate a world of diverse beliefs?”, “what does it mean to be human and what does that meaning require of me?”, “how can I contribute to and participate in contemporary culture?” and “what does it mean to work meaningfully in the modern world?”