Biblical Studies


Directed by the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies, the Biblical and Theological Studies major is designed for high achieving students planning to earn a graduate degree following their studies at North Central. This program is also available for students who anticipate applying for ministerial credentials immediately upon graduation. In addition to serving as a pre-seminary program, it may appeal to students whose ministry goals include Bible translation, chaplaincy and university teaching.

Biblical and Theological Studies majors will choose one of three tracks: the Biblical Studies track, the Biblical Languages track, or the Theology track. Although each track will feature elements of each, the Biblical Studies track will have a greater emphasis on biblical content, the Biblical Languages track will have a greater emphasis on developing skills in Greek and Hebrew, and the Theology track will give greater emphasis to systematic and historical theology.

As a result of completing the Biblical and Theological Studies major, the student should develop a deeper and broader knowledge of the Bible and Christian Theology. Graduates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • New Testament content;
  • Old Testament content;
  • The history of Israel;
  • Social and cultural dynamics in the Mediterranean Basin during the Second Temple Period;
  • Methods in biblical studies;
  • Reading knowledge of either Hebrew or Greek.

The Biblical and Theological Studies major reflects NCU’s continuing commitment to excellence in biblical interpretation.

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