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Related Policy – Establishing University Policies

About This Procedure

Responsible Officer
University President

Policy Owner
Policy Advisory Committee Chair

Policy Contact
Nathan Stuart





University Procedure

Necessity of Review

All university policies are subject to a comprehensive review at least every four years.  During a comprehensive review, the policy owner and the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) takes a comprehensive look at an existing policy and all associated documents to determine:

  1. If the policy is still relevant and/or required.
  2. If the policy can be combined with another policy without compromising the effect of the policy.
  3. If the policy requires updating due to regulatory requirements or compliance obligations.
  4. If the policy requires updating to improve effectiveness and clarity.
  5. If the appropriate education, monitoring, and ongoing review of the policy is occurring.

Comprehensive Review Process

  1. A policy is identified for review by policy review cycle, the policy owner, or the PAC chair.
  2. The policy owner contacts the PAC chair for a copy of the policy.
  3. The policy owner examines the a polices and its related procedures:
    1. Policy owner must consult with stakeholders to determine if changes are recommended or required.
  4. The policy owner makes changes to the policy document(s) using the track changes function in Microsoft Word.
  5. The policy owner completes the Review, Revision, and Retirement Form and notifies the PAC chair that the draft of the policy is ready for review by the PAC.
  6. The policy owner sends the draft/track-change version of the policy to the PAC chair.
  7. The PAC chair sends the draft/track-change version of the policy to the PAC.
  8. The policy owner presents the draft policy to the PAC and captures feedback.
  9. If required, the policy owner makes necessary/suggested changes based on PAC feedback to the draft policy.
  10. The policy owner sends a final draft/track-change version of the policy to the PAC chair.
    1. If changes are minor in nature, the policy is updated on the policy website and the PAC chair promulgates appropriately.
    2. The President’s Council (PC) must review changes to the policies substance, intent, and fundamental changes to the policy’s procedures and PAC chair places the policy on the agenda of the next PC meeting.

President’s Council Review

  1. The responsible university officer presents the draft/track-change version of the policy to the PC.
  2. The PC determines whether to approve the proposed changes to the policy. As the result of its review, the PC will either:
    1. Approve the policy as drafted;
    2. Send the policy back to the PAC to consider PC recommendations or concerns, or
    3. Make changes to the policy.
  3. If approved, the PC will complete the Policy Approval Form and submit it to the PAC chair for archiving.


  1. The PAC chair incorporates all changes into the official university policy document(s).
  2. The PAC chair updates the history section of the policy.
  3. The PAC chair updates the policy library.
  4. The PAC chair promulgates the policy.
  5. The PAC chair archives approval forms and draft documents in policy archive.
  6. The policy owner notifies affected university units and works with units to ensure that appropriate training is in place that reflects the changes to the policy.
  7. The PAC chair assists the policy owner with other communication, as needed.