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Policy Program Framework

Establishing University Policies, also referred to as the “policy on policies,” sets out the framework and process for proposing, drafting, reviewing, and approving official North Central University policies.

This framework and its associated processes shift the responsibility of developing and managing policies from individual departments, to a centralized function within the university.

Additionally, this framework utilizes a cross-functional Policy Advisory Committee established by the president to manage the policy development process.

Policy Framework Principles
  • The university policy process is designed to be well-defined, understandable, transparent, and easy to navigate, providing formally approved university policies presented in a consistent format and housed in a central policy library.
  • Input and feedback from the university community are broadly sought, valued, and appropriately used; however, policy ownership lies with the responsible officer/policy owner.
  • Policy owners are responsible for reviewing, updating, and retiring policies as needed and at a minimum of every five years.
  • Leaders, supervisors, managers, and individuals are responsible for understanding, implementing, and upholding university policies, university rules, and unit governing documents.
Criteria for University Policies

A formal policy in a given area may be needed for a variety of reasons. Examples may include: Issues that arise as a result of federal, state, or local legislation or regulation; incidents or trends that emerge within or outside of the university; a shift in university values or priorities; or concerns raised by the university community, among other reasons.

Issues are only addressed through the university policy process if the resulting policy would meet the following criteria:

  • The policy will have broad application throughout the university.
  • The policy will enhance the university’s mission, set behavioral expectations, promote ethical standards and integrity.
  • The policy will promote operational efficiencies, manage institutional risk.
  • The policy will help achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The policy will be reviewed and approved by the PAC and PC.
  • The policy provides procedures for implementation.

Some issues may be better addressed through training and/or improved communication strategies rather than a new university-wide policy. Or, sometimes the issue can be addressed by revising existing policies, rules, or other governing documents.

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