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Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) is a standing committee authorized by the president to review and approve all university-wide policy plans and policy drafts and to recommend policy actions for finalization before review, acceptance, and approval by the President’s Council.

The PAC also serves as an advisory group to the president on policies, making suggestions on amendments to existing policies, and reviewing new policies for practicality, clarity, and adequacy of the document to the university’s operations. The PAC will also consider how the draft language might affect operations in other areas and where appropriate make suggestions on incorporating concerns expressed by community members in the affected areas.

The PAC reviews policy plans, drafts, and review forms to ensure that appropriate due diligence has been conducted to support the policy plan and that a policy does not conflict with other policies, with the mission of the university, laws and regulations, regional and specialized accreditation, or other mission-critical priorities.

PAC Membership

Nathan Stuart, Chair
Policy Program Coordinator
Director of Information Technology

Bethany Harshbarger
Vice President of Enrollment & Student Development

Bruce Wheeler

Desiree Libengood
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Devin Lehnhoff
Director of Admissions

Kate Ketterling
Director of Human Resources

Katie DeWitt-Severson
Associate Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrator (SWA)

Mary Murphy
University Registrar

Jeremy Williamson
Associate Vice President of Student Life
Dean of Students

Jordan Robertson
Executive Director of Operations