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Related Policy – Separation & Severance

About This Procedure

Responsible Officer
Vice President for Business & Operations

Policy Owner
Director of Human Resources

Policy Contact
Jan Serumgard



University Procedure

Separating from the university
A department initiating the need for job elimination, reduction or change will submit the “reduction-in-force template” to the Office of Human Resources’ employee relations unit with all appropriate information and rationale. The “reduction-in-force template” will be carefully reviewed with potential for additional questions and discussion of alternatives.

  • Once a decision is reached, the department will be notified. At that point, the department will formally notify the affected employee(s) in writing. Sample letters can be obtained from employee relations.
  • For employee(s) accepting a job change, a new letter of appointment will be issued by the Office of Human Resources, and a new job description will be completed by the department.
  • For employee(s) experiencing layoff, the department will connect the employee(s) to the Office of Human Resources for important information on benefit programs, health care continuation eligibility, unemployment and related end-of-employment matters.

The Office of Human Resources will initiate the termination with payroll and ensure that severance benefits, if eligible, and vacation payout benefits are appropriately calculated and scheduled for payment on the last day of employment.