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Our commitment to offering our students real-world experience and training is integrated into our Chapel program, as well as our academic programs. On select days, there’s a fully student-led Chapel service happening at the same time as the main Chapel service.

This student-led event, called RENDER, is a chance for students to take charge of the Chapel experience and minister to one another.

Taking place on most Mondays in the semester, RENDER is a unique opportunity for students to take the lead in all aspects of a chapel experience, from coordinating and planning the services, to participating on worship teams, to preaching. Students from all majors are actively involved, and students are free to participate in whichever of the two services they choose each day.

RENDER’s Mission

Our mission is to reach, teach, and empower the North Central community by:

  • Sharing relevant messages
  • Taking part in immersing worship
  • Fostering a passionate prayer life with fellow students
  • Further equipping students to go out and fulfill God’s call for their lives