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Student Conduct

Biblical living for a spirit-empowered Christian community.

At North Central, we work hard to create a strong, tight-knit, faithful Christian community that will support you in your walk with God.

In order to foster this community, we all agree to live by certain biblical principles based on the example set by Jesus Christ. To encourage ongoing spiritual growth, everyone in our community needs to have a personal relationship with Christ and be actively involved in a local church. We also require daily chapel attendance and regular ministry involvement.

To live in ways that honor each other and glorify God, we follow biblical standards for our lifestyle choices and avoid things that would cause us to fall short. Living by these standards and policies is expected of everyone in our community, and we reserve the right to part ways with anyone who doesn’t abide by them. However, we think of them as guidelines for living a Godly life, not rules.

When you join our community, you’re making a serious commitment to spiritual growth and living a Godly life.