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Future Undergraduate Students

Will you be a high school graduate who plans on attending college for the first time? You’re in the right place!

Here’s how you apply:

Step 1 — Apply

You can apply online, or complete a paper application. There’s a $25 application fee.

Step 2 — Send your high school transcript or GED scores

Submit a Transcript Request Form (pdf) to your high school counselor and they’ll send us your official transcripts. A 2.2 cumulative GPA is required for regular admission. GPAs below 2.2 can be considered for admission on a provisional basis. You’ll also send a final high school transcript after graduation.

Students who have completed the GED need to forward a copy of their scores to the Admissions Office.

You can also submit unofficial or official transcripts via email to

Step 3 — Send your ACT or SAT scores

Forward your results from either the ACT or the SAT. An ACT score of 18 or above or an SAT total score of 850 or above is required for regular admission (the written portion isn’t required).

Students with test scores below the standard may be considered for admission on a provisional status.

Where should I send my application and forms?

Mail all of your application materials to:

North Central University Admissions Office
910 Elliot Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

What happens after I complete these steps?

Once we’ve received all of your application materials, we’ll review your application and inform you of an admissions decision as soon as we can.


We’re here to help! Our admissions counselors can answer any questions you have. Or you can reach out to us at 1.800.289.6222 or