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Associate of Arts, Church Leadership Concentration

A student in the Associate of Arts, Church Leadership program.

Associate of Arts, Church Leadership at a glance

North Central’s Associate of Arts, Church Leadership degree is designed for students who aspire to serve as leaders in a church. Whether you’re preparing for full-time, part-time, or volunteer ministry in a congregation, this degree provides a general education overview, Biblical knowledge, leadership principles, and church leadership skills. Additionally, it meets the educational recommendations for “Certified Minister” credentials with the Assemblies of God.

Knowledge and skills you’ll gain

When you earn your Associate of Arts, Church Leadership degree, you’ll be prepared with knowledge and skills in:

  • General Education (Humanities, Natural sciences, Social sciences)
  • Old and New Testament history and literature
  • Theology
  • Church leadership and administration
  • Written, verbal, and electronic communication
  • Logic and reasoning


The Associate of Arts, Church Leadership program is 60 credits.