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Urban Studies: Ministries

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Urban Studies: Ministries at a glance

North Central’s Urban Studies: Ministries will prepare you to work in church-based service programs, lead congregations, and serve in pastoral roles in urban communities. Through courses taught by experienced, passionate professors, you’ll gain the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and hands-on experience you need to lead diverse urban congregations and make a big difference in your community through service and outreach. You’ll also meet the academic requirements to pursue a License to Preach in the Assemblies of God

What sets us apart

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Internship opportunities

You’ll have opportunities to intern with local churches and community programs.

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Get real-world experience and hands-on training

The internship experience is an important part of all programs in the College of Ministry at North Central. You’ll have opportunities to intern with NCU’s partner churches and organizations. Your internship will present you with new challenges and learning experiences as you prepare for your career after graduation and get one step closer to living out your calling.

One of the keys to a successful internship is the mentoring relationship you’ll form with your internship supervisor and your advising professor. We work with our partner churches and organizations to make sure your internship is a valuable, fulfilling experience. Plus, you’ll be supported, mentored, and coached by your advising professor throughout your internship and afterwards as you reflect on the experience. This will give you insights into your passions and God-given talents, and help you pursue a fulfilling career path. Plus, when you finish your internship you’ll have hands on experience in the field and a network of people who work in urban ministries and can recommend you to future employers—or hire you!

The Center for Youth & Leadership.
Center for Youth & Leadership

This program is a part of North Central’s Center for Youth & Leadership.

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Take advantage of the resources offered by the Center for Youth & Leadership

North Central’s Center for Youth and Leadership exists to prepare, serve, and connect emerging and existing leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of youth.

Led by Brian Pingel, who has over 20 years of experience in the field of interactive youth ministry, the Center features passionate, expert professors, connections to local churches and organizations, a dedicated building with a coffee shop and lounge space, and resources to prepare you for a lifetime of ministering in urban settings.

Students study abroad in the Holy Lands.
Study abroad in the Holy Lands

As part of your program, you’ll take a 3-4 week tour of the Holy Lands.

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Led by Dr. Marc Turnage of the AG Center for Holy Lands Studies, this tour includes lectures from some of the leading archeologists and scholars in Israel and visits to ancient sites in Israel and Jordan. Numerous once-in-a-lifetime experiences work together to bring the land of the Bible to life in a way that will enrich your biblical knowledge and reading for the rest of your life.

You’ll  also have opportunities to participate in activities such as snorkeling in the Red Sea, a Camel trek through Wadi Rum, swimming in the springs of Sakne, hiking down the Arbel Cliffs, Jeep treks through the desert in Jordan, an evening boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, floating in the Dead Sea, participating in the Temple Mount sifting project, and an archeological dig in Beth Gurvin.

Some scholarships are available, so interested students should apply early.

Details, application materials and year-specific trip information are available on the Center for Holy Land Studies website.

For more information, contact:

Vienna Lewin
Study Abroad Coordinator
Liechty Hall 103

  • Skills you’ll gain

    When you graduate from the Urban Studies: Ministries, you’ll be prepared to:

    • Lead congregations in urban areas
    • Communicate effectively across cultures
    • Identify attitudes and patterns that have marginalized people, including racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, and classism
    • Apply the Gospel to contemporary issues of injustice, such as human trafficking, homelessness, and poverty
    • Understand the dynamics of diverse urban communities
    • Address critical issues faced by residents of urban communities
    • Plan, develop, and lead urban programs, relief organizations, and ministries
  • Careers

    Our graduates succeed in a variety of jobs and careers. Here are some possibilities:

    • Lead pastor
    • Program coordinator
    • Community organizer
    • Teacher
    • Outreach coordinator
    • Public policy researcher
    • Urban planner
    • Volunteer coordinator
  • Credentialing

    The Urban Studies: Ministries will prepare you with the academic requirements you need to pursue a License to Preach in the Assemblies of God.

  • Supporting programs

    We want you to be well-rounded and well-prepared when you graduate, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose a minor or supporting program so you can explore another area of interest. Here are some possibilities:

    • Alcohol & Drug Counseling
    • Business Administration
    • Campus Missions
    • Children & Family Ministries
    • Journalism
    • Intercultural Studies
    • International Development
    • Leadership Development
    • Pre-Law
    • Sociology

    See the full list of minors and supporting programs.

North Central students.
Outreach Director, Convoy of Hope

Jason Bachman '97
Springfield, MO

"I work with multiple cities, helping them to reach their communities through Convoy of Hope Community Events. These events are catalytic moments for churches to use in building bridges of compassion to their city. My Urban Seminar class gave me a great context for seeing urban ministry in action."


All students must complete the General Education Core and Christian Studies Core. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. You need 124 total credit hours to complete the Urban Studies: Ministries degree.

Meet one of your professors

Faculty Member Anna Young


Center for Youth & Leadership

Anna Marie Young

Assistant Professor, Youth and Community Development

Professor Young brings more than 30 years of experience in teaching and youth ministry to North Central. A licensed evangelist, Young has served at Teen Challenge, Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center, and various women’s shelters throughout the Twin Cities. She is committed to training leaders who serve and empower others in the church and throughout the world.


Promotion of positive youth development & leadership, program development and implementation, community organizing, planning and development


I love teaching at NCU because, for me, it is the most effective and most enjoyable way to change the world. That is the bottom line: It is critical we change this world, and this is the way I am choosing to do it. Teaching permits me to work on hearts and minds, to guide young adults in becoming empowered, literate, involved, inspired, enlightened Christian human beings who want to link up in this effort to change the world.

I’ve seen it occur. I am seeing students discover their abilities and passions and becoming world-changers. That is why love to teach at NCU.

I also love to teach at NCU because it allows me the honor to work with an excellent team of Christians to ensure not one brilliant student is lost.


I enjoy teaching all my classes.