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Faith and Learning

Christian and Urban - Faith and Learning

Christian education you can live on.

North Central is a life-shaping community that strives to be Christ-centered in everything we do. And we believe that knowing and following Christ is essential to success in any career. That’s why our curriculum for all majors includes requirements for foundational Bible and theology classes and all students graduate with a Christian Studies minor.

On top of that, the classes you’ll take in your program are designed to challenge you and encourage you in your faith. This doesn’t mean other subject matter and skills training take a back seat—it means we believe they go hand in hand.

Your professors, all Christians themselves, will often pray before class and help you connect the topics you’re discussing to your life, work, and faith. They’ll be your mentors and guides as you mature in your faith and follow your calling.

Plus, in-class discussions and group projects with fellow students will help you learn—together—what it means to be a Christian in the marketplace.

Through all of this, you’ll explore God’s purpose for your life as you prepare to follow your calling and make your life matter.